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Kotwica 1

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Tile Puzzle Defense


Get ready to download our new tile tower defence puzzle game and help your
kingdom build and upgrade troops against hordes of enemies!
Classic gameplay elements with cool tile puzzle arenas twist:
- Build, expand, defend your tiles and castle during incoming waves of

- Test your skills in different modes and varius battlefields
- Use all types of currencies to enhance buildings and units
- Combine strategy and action when your towers are attacked
Apart from that, you can also gain access to the following game features:
- Vibrant colors that present your kingdom in easy-to-view manner

Go ahead and give our game a try! It will surely provide you with exciting tower defense action as well as some great tile puzzle components!

Release: Q4 2021   |  Platforms: Android


Train Station Tycoon


Ever thought of a game that could allow you to manage and customize a city infrastructure to create a railroad empire? Now, you make your dream train lines reality and maximize its transport potential! A fresh mix of train strategy and city building simulation, full of charm and challenge on rails. Hop in and help the characters build and upgrade the railway stations to become a global power!

Explore a game all about trains and developing your own enterprise. Grow bigger and bigger as you add more tracks and buildings to your surroundings. Trade and transport resources between cities when necessary. Discovering new types of buildings and upgrading old trains to get more edge during your simulation.

Collect fun, classic resources. Use them to develop your own strategy as a true railway tycoon. Customizable environment will help you to create unique train stations and manage their routes with goods transport. Save resources to fulfill the requirements in order to level up your areas.

Release: Q1 2021   |  Platforms: Android


Keep Tap

Keep Tap is a 2D arcade game where players avoid obstacles, collect points and bonuses to achieve a high score.

The ball should fly between the obstacles and the player must have a good time to get the stars. Collect bonuses, point multipliers and extra lives.

This game will create a whole new experience for fans of arcade games.

Keep Tap is totally Free! Play this Arcade Running Game now! Test your reflexes and skills!

Let's play and feel the power !!!

Release: Q2 2021   |  Platforms: Android


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